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About This Project

The Climate Data Access and Analysis System (CDAAS) is a user-friendly and easy-to-use web based portal to access and analyse different Global Climate models, gridded observation data sets and downscaled regional climate model products. User with access to the system can select the region of interest and get the respective data sets in various formats for further analysis. This aims to have a hassle free tool for both end users to visualize the products and for experts for detailed analysis.

The tool handles data from three different sources and catagorised primarily based on the horizontal grid resolution of the models. Which includes the CMIP5 global climate models (GCMs), the Coordinated Regional downscaling experiments (CORDEX) and the NEX Nasa datasets.

The CMIP5 datasets are separately collected and put to a central database from the designated ESGFs (The Earth System Grid Federation) which is responsible for maintaining these datasets. The CORDEX downscaled data is collected from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) site and processed for RIMES domain. Similarly the NEX Nasa Datasets are collected manually and stored in the RIMES central climate data server.

Daily Analysis

Daily Analysis

Daily Analysis


News & Update notes

Date Title Version Operation
2021-06-26 Update CORDEX datasets
2019-03-26 Update JS library 0.52
2018-05-14 Update CMIP5 datasets 0.45
2017-04-27 Observation data alpha test 0.40
2017-02-07 ECMWF alpha test 0.30